What to Expect

Fly Fishing Guiding and Instruction in the Catskill Tradition with Mark Loete

Catskill Mountain Angler guides in the High Peaks Area of the Catskill Mountains—mainly the Esopus Creek and its tributaries. This is high gradient, rock strewn, fish rich habitat—waters known world wide as “the Cradle of American Fly Fishing.” Many of the modern fly designs and angling techniques popularly used worldwide were originated on these waters.

Our CMA guiding fees include all the equipment and flies you will need to catch a trout on a fly, except waders and wading boots. These waters are wade only—well fitting waders and wading boots are essential. For those who don’t have their own, we can arrange rental from a local outfitter for an additional fee. Provide us with pant and shoe size, height and weight. The tool of choice is a 4, 5 or 6 weight, 8 to 9 foot fly rod. Use ours or bring a favorite. We tie our own flies and hand build our own fly rods. When you fish with Catskill Mountain Angler you will be fishing with state of the art gear and casting the most recently effective fly patterns.

Weather conditions in the Catskill Mountains are “changeable.” Air temperatures will rise as the day progresses. Dress in seasonable layers. A hat with a brim and polarized sunglasses are recommended. We can provide sun tan and insect lotion, or bring your own. A New York State fishing license is required. They may be easily obtained online at www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6091.html . Full day trips include a catered streamside lunch, provided by our best area caterers. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions.

Fly fishing is a trending sport. We guide experienced anglers from all over the world. We also teach many beginners, and we have a well developed curriculum for new fly anglers that will introduce you to the skill sets needed to catch a trout on a fly. For those who can benefit, we typically start the day with a tutorial on basic techniques and strategies, culminating with a fly casting lesson on the grass. We can then progress to the river armed with the basic knowledge needed for success. For experienced anglers looking to test their mettle, we can guide you to fly water that is amongst the most challenging on the East Coast. We can often up the game of even the most experienced fly anglers. Dogs and young people are welcome, as per temperament, maturity level and physical capability.

When you fish our waters, you are fishing the same waters fished by Babe Ruth, Mark Twain, Ted Williams, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, to name a few. CMA is deeply informed of the rich history, culture, and personalities of Catskill fly fishing. One of the rewarding aspects of my job is transmitting this heritage to a new generation of fly anglers.

We offer a unique blend of history, ecology, hydrology and geology while partaking of one of the oldest sports known to mankind. When you fly fish the Catskills with Catskill Mountain Angler, you are firmly nestled in the bosom of Mother Nature. There is no better place to be.